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Northern Spain – Salamanca

Day 6! Woohoo! Final leg on this trip! We once again crossed the border and drove into Salamanca, one of the 9 provinces of Castilla-Leon, to the northwest of Madrid. And I loved it. It was one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Spain because of a few things but mostly because there were young people everywhere! Salamanca is a “college town” because the oldest Spanish university is la Universidad de Salamanca. [Everyone on the trip bought the T-Shirt; mine is bubble gum pink. Obviously]. But in general, I just loved the feel of Salamanca and its sand colored buildings. Literally, every single building is uniform in color, giving that old Spanish look that I love so much.

If you can guess the first thing we did, I’ll give you a euro. Did you think hard?  Because if you guessed that we saw the cathedral, you’d be correct. However, because some of the more irritating kids on our program complained about having to always see cathedrals so our professor let us off the hook. I was honestly looking forward to the cathedral because its absolutely beautiful [as most of the cathedrals are. I just really found an interest in architecture this semester ok? Don’t hate.]

After we saw the façade of the cathedral, we went to the university. Legend has it that if you find the frog on the building, you will have good luck in your studies at the university. News Flash: no one must have luck at that university because it is IMPOSSIBLE to Picture1find that stupid frog. First of all, this building is so intricate with all sorts of carvings, from the Spanish Kings, to patterns, to skulls, and of course, a frog. After 10 minutes of us standing in the hot sun, staring at the building, my professor made fun of us and showed us where the frog is. Well, I would have absolutely failed out of Salamanca because without Paco’s help, I would still be standing there. The frog is situated ON TOP of one of the skulls heads. I was not a happy camper because the frog is about the size of a miniature stapler….talk about finding a needle in the haystack, amirite?

After frog hunting, we got free time to roam around, eat and explore and what we found was the writing on the wall. No really, writing on the wall. All around Salamanca is a very specific font with the names and dates of people who have completed their PhD at the university back in the day when that was not a common goal to achieve. The random hodgepodge of letters to the left of the declaration actually spells out “Victor” to further proclaim the awesomeness of achieving the rarest and most difficult degree in higher education. Then we got back on the bus and drove back to Madrid. The End!


“The Writing on the Wall”

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