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Funday Monday ;)

For all my readers who know anything about me, my favorite thing in the world is to dance. If I could, I would eat, sleep and obsess about it more than I already do. Tonight was my first of SO MANY nights out dancing. We went to a salsa club called Independance for their F*cking Monday special! fucking mondaySalsa lessons, then open salsa and then the place turns into a real club. Needless to say, I was excited out of my mind for salsa. Although it is my weakest Latin dance, I had the opportunity to dance the combinations well with different Spanish guys and even the salsa instructor. My heart only skipped 100 times when I danced with the instructor… he was amazing and SO. HOT. Salsa will be happening every week and I am so excited to strengthen my dancing skills and inmerse myself in Spanish culture the best way I know how! Pictures to come in the future and when I am actually stronger, a video. Maybe that will be my first “vlog” post 🙂

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