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Northern Spain – Porto

I know that the title makes no sense, but I am trying to group all of the places we went to in one trip together with the same heading. Sorry for the confusion. Note: Porto is in PORTUGAL.

We left Galicia and crossed the border into Portugal during the second half of Day 4. On Day 5, we started off by going on a paseo, or walk, through the city center. We passed the statue of Prince Pedro IV, who led the rebellion against his father for Brazilian independence. The first half of the day was just a lot of free time to roam around and explore the port. The second half of the day was spent at the IMG_20140429_170821_048port….on a river boat cruise. Me and boats aren’t exactly friends but the scenic view of the waterside town allowed me to forget about that. The boat took us under bridges and gave us a short history of the historical significance of the Port. Of course, Paco, our professor, one-upped the automated voice and reminded us about things we had learned about in class such as Napoleon’s invasion to get to Porto and instead gaining power in Spain. Paco will always be smarter than river boat cruises 🙂

Porto was vey pretty but there wasn’t too much to do so I apologize for the brevity of this post, but there wasn’t a lot to write about.
But on this trip, there’s only 1 more day left! Where in the Iberian Peninsula did Maeghan go next?! Find out in the next post, very very soon! [Probably within the hour tbh]

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