Atleti v Granada

untitled (3)On Wednesday for our soccer class, we went to another Atletico de Madrid game! This season in La Liga could make history because Atletico is in first place and has not won the league since 1995. So the fans, like last game, were wild and crazy. I learned a lot of curse words from some of the insane fanatics. The game should have been an easy win for Atleti but somehow Granada kept them to only a 1 goal lead. In the second half, Atleti scored and the place went crazy!! But the referee made an asinine call and retracted the goal, saying that the goal was scored from the offside position. I really hope the ref’s car wasn’t missing any hubcaps or anything because these fans were pissed and wanted to do damage to this guy. But Atleti pulled through on a beautiful corner kick play and hit the back of the net. GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! And Atleti won the game YAY!

But the real insanity was when the jumbo screen showed the score for the Real Madrid game which was being played simultaneously at their stadium. Sevilla scored a goal, making the score 1-0 and the Atleti fans were overjoyed! Any loss of Real means a greater point differential in Atleti’s favor for being champions. That was intense. Even though Atleti’s rivalry is with Sevilla, the fans would rather see Sevilla win than give Real Madrid any leeway of gaining on their lead. Even though I am a Real fan, I found myself cheering for Real’s loss because everyone likes a good underdog story.

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