Backstreet’s Back, ALRIGHT!

To all of my loyal readers, I am SOOOOO SORRY for being so far behind on my blog! Unfortunately, this week is midterm week [boo hissssss] so I’ve been trying to study for my exams and my blog got pushed to the back burner.

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Choker Necklaces
“The Ultimate Throwback Accessory”

On February 19, I went to one of the best concerts of my life. I saw the Backstreet Boys LIVE!!! And it was AMAZING! I was finally old enough to party like it was 1999…and I did! My friends and I had been preparing all week for the concert by non-stop talking about it and playing only Backstreet Boys on our Spotify playlists constantly.  I played the part of a 90s teen by rolling up to Palacio Vistalegre in a black tank top and a snap back. Waiting in line, we talked about the days of the Backstreet Boys and other 90s-early 2000s things we had or wanted, like hair crimping, hit-clips and choker necklaces.

My friends and I bought General Admission tickets for the concert and were in the pit close to the stage. WE WERE SO CLOSE! We could see the boys sweating, we were that close! Ohmygosh, it was amazing. And they are SO. HOT. There are no words for how exciting this concert was!! It was very interesting to be at a concert for an American group in a different country because they have such an international following. With that being said, my friends and I had a little bit of a pride complex, claiming the Backstreet Boys were “ours” because we are also American!

The concert started with the opening group, an American a capella group, that was pretty good. They did this one hip rolling move that made us all melt for sure! When they announced the Backstreet Boys, the whole place went crazy! The Boys came out and they walked to the front of the stage WHERE WE WERE STANDING! They sang all their classic songs, such as “Quit Playing Games with my Heart”, “Show Me the IMG_20140219_213953_254Feeling of Being Lonely” and “Incomplete”. But they also added songs from their new CD [and the name of the tour], In A World Like This. My favorite song from their new album is “Madeline”, which is based on Nick Carter’s sister, who died from overdosing. After they sang it, Nick wiped the tears from his eyes and it was so sad.


Brian right before he winked at me

They introduced a new song that was half in Spanish that made the Madrid girls go CRAZY and they sang along to every song, at the top of their lungs, just like me. My voice was absolutely destroyed by the end of the night. Then, the boys came to the front of the stage and when the song was over, I blew a kiss to Brian, and he winked at me. HE. WINKED. AT. ME. Well, after that, I was on cloud 9 and would not shut up about him winking at me. It was also my friend’s birthday and 3 of the 5 of them saw her little sign and mouthed “Happy Birthday” to her.

The concert ended and it was an amazing ending, but of course, there was an encore and they sang “Everybody [Backstreet’s Back]” with the original choreography!! It was such an experience to see them do the same dance moves they did then that they were still doing 12 years later. That song ended and we were all screaming but the lights still hadn’t turned on, which means….DOUBLE ENCORE! The boys came back out again and ended the concert for real with “Larger Than Life”. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Ohmygosh, they were so good. Again, with original choreo, ending it with this song made my 7 year old self so excited, as this song was my favorite as a kid. [My favorite changed from when I was a kid. It’s actually “As Long As You Love Me”]. It was a great experience and such a good decision to make. It’s not everyday you get to see one of the greatest boy bands ever, but to see them in a different country, where there is still a strong following even across the ocean is a memory I’ll never forget.

I can’t wait until the summer to see their movie! 😉

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