Friday 24 Jan

So as you may have noticed, this blog is not a diary. Because no one needs that. But yesterday was a cool day regardless. We had our first “paseo” yesterday, which is included as part of one of my classes. Each week, we take a field trip to something cool in Madrid and learn about it. Yesterday, we hit up Parque del Retiro [Retiro Park] and were taken to the statue of the Fallen Angel. The statue is actually really cool and one of the only ones in the world dedicated to Satan. In a country that is so Catholic, our professor explained that it was more weird now than when it was first built because the story of the Fallen Angel is another Bible story, just like Noah’s Ark or Jonah and the Whale. What’s really interesting is that the statue was built 666 feet above sea level. But people back in the day had no way of measuring things like that so…that’s creepy.


Us having a blast! [And me horsing around trying to give the boat hydraulics..oops 😉 ]

After our religious history lesson, we got to explore more of Retiro Park, which is enormous and awesome. There are playgrounds, a British-style glass building that should be a greenhouse but has no plants in it and of course, the lake. Yes, there is a man made lake in the middle of the park. And we got to go rowboating! Shout out to my girls Carson, Lisell and Audrey for making that experience absolutely hysterical! It was a little rocky moving forward at first but we made it happen 😛 Check out the video here!

After our paseo was over, our other professor surprised us and took us to a Flamenco dancing lesson!!!! YAY!!! We went to a real studio with mirrors so I felt at home. Flamenco is what most people think of when they picture Spain. As a ballroom dancer, I’ve learned basic steps of Flamenco but never anything more than that. But Flamenco is actually a real act of coordination but I LOVED it. I don’t think I stopped smiling for the entire hour. And the instructor could tell I was a dancer so I was in the front. #swag I think I’m hooked on flamenco so I need to find a good flamenco bar to marvel at 🙂

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