Settling In

my roomThe last 72 hours have been an absolute whirlwind in Spain but I am loving every minute of it. They have really interesting customs here and some of them are mad weird but I have to keep in mind that it’s not them, it’s us. But it’s cool to be immersed in their habits and customs. Except the food thing. They don’t snack, while Americans constantly are chewing on something. And lunch is at 2  or 3 pm, making dinner between 9 and 10 pm. That one will take a while but I’m willing to work with it. The other thing is the WiFi. It is difficult to communicate to our family and social media outlets [but mostly our families] without WiFi. You can tell where the Americans are because if there is WiFi, everyone’s fingers are flying and eyes are glued to the screen.

Stepping off the plane and being thrown into the culture, I have never been so grateful in my life for my gift with picking up languages. It was a violent transition. Being able to speak with confidence and an accent has allowed for me to worry about one less thing here. But even at a high level of proficiency, I am learning new phrases and being corrected on my grammar every day. With one of my goals being to attain fluency, if I keep this up and work hard, I will do it!

The AU Center, where I will be taking all of my classes to complete my Spanish minor, is in a little building called Mosaic, which doubles as an intensive English school for native Spanish speakers. The program directors are the sweetest and this new center will be our homebase for the remainder of the trip. I will be taking business classes at ICADE, a Spanish university, but I have yet to go there. However, like Kogod, they are just as particular, so scheduling classes will prove to be difficult, no doubt. In fact, the difficulty has already started…

My homestay is adorable and awesome! My homestay mom, Magda, is about 65 years old and has been taking in college students for the past 10 years or so. She is so sweet and an excellent cook and has set up Miso and I in our own rooms. Finally back to princess status! Every morning we have croissants and strawberry jelly and red tea. I have never had red tea but whatever it is has me addicted; I have a minimum of 2 cups every morning. My room is quaint with wood shelving, but it’s mine and I love it.

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